Thursday, October 26, 2006

bills Yoghurt Pannacotta

In a resumption of normal programming, can I just say that I love yoghurt. I love plain yoghurt, I love yoghurt drowned in fruit coulis, I love frozen yoghurt and I love this yoghurt pannacotta.

I needed a dessert suitable for a gluten-free friend. So I turned to my old friend Bill Granger and his fabulous book bills open kitchen. Although, I have to say, after seeing him on TV for the first time thanks to the free DVD attached to this month's Delicious magazine, I am less enamoured. My respect for his recipes remains, but his TV persona left me a little cold. He smiles too much or something. And yes, I am far too critical and I'm working on it.

This pannacotta was perfect. Quick and easy to make. Lovely, light and refreshing to taste. I used full fat greek yoghurt, which was perfectly fine. I also used vanilla extract, given the prohibitive cost of vanilla beans. As usual, I struggled to get them out of the ramekin moulds. I am the world's worst at doing this.

bill serves it will rose-scented plums. No plums in sight at this time of the year. So, I served it with blueberries, and I have since made it again with a passionfruit sauce. Yummy. Thoroughly recommended.


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