Sunday, June 22, 2008

Taste & Create - HobNobs

I love a good HobNob me!!! A definite result of my English ancestry. I also have a prediliction for Yorkie bars, clotted cream, rainy days, hedgehogs and Ronnie Barker.

The recipe comes from my Taste & Create partner for this month - Kittie from Kittens in the Kitchen. I was already familiar with Kittie's blog as she was my partner back in April when I made her delicious Spinach and Garlic Soup.

HobNobs are a delicious cruchy oaty biscuit made by McVities. Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down has done a review and they suggest that they are "an ideal ice breaker at say a romantic biscuit moment".

I have no objection to trying this out, but I'm not sure what 'a romantic biscuit moment' would be??? Sure, I can see the concept back in say Edwardian times when the only chance of physcial contact was to brush fingers while passing a plate of biscuits over a cup of tea in the drawing room. But what about today? You catch someone's eye across a crowded bar and whip out a few HobNobs to entice them over? The mind boggles.

Anyway whatever you might do with them, these HobNob are great.

I had to add a bit more flour (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) than the recipe suggested. I initially put this down to my poor maths in converting the butter measurement from cups to grams. But Ivy over at Little Ivy Cakes had the same experience. You should be able to roll the mixture into reasonably firm balls with your hands.

I was absolutely delighted with them. They were dead tasty and crisp and buttery. I halved the recipe, but then I made them a bit smaller than suggested. I ended up with a lot of HobNobs.

I am going to dip some of them in chocolate. So then I will have chocolate HobNobs. Apparently there's a chocolate orange version as well. I'm not too sure about that. Chocolate, orange and oats...hmmmmmmm. Maybe I will leave it for another day.

The recipe for these HobNobs can be found here on Kittie's site.


At 3:12 pm, Blogger Big Boys Oven said...

Oh How would I wish to nibble into one of your hobnobs! so delicious, just amazed me!

At 12:56 am, Blogger grace said...

a lot of hobnobs is better than no hobnobs at all, even if they're chocolate and orange flavored... :)

At 2:12 am, Blogger Patricia Scarpin said...

I have never heard nor seen hobnobs, KJ, but I'm interested already!

At 3:43 am, Blogger Deborah said...

I love hobnobs, but have never made them myself - they look great!

At 10:50 am, Blogger Cynthia said...

Perfection is the only way to describe your creation.

At 8:42 am, Blogger Ivy said...

I have never had a hobnob before. They look really scrumptious!

At 9:14 pm, Blogger Dharm said...

Lovely! Both the wife and I love HobNobs and she will be pleased as punch to see this recipe! She's the cookie maker you see...!

At 7:18 pm, Blogger KJ said...

Hi Kevin, I would send you some if I could :}

Hi Grace, that is very, very true!!

Hi Patricia, if you ever get the chance dive in.

Hi Deborah, thanks. I think HobNobs are a universal favourite :)

Hi Cynthia, thank you.

Hi Ivy, they are really good. I hope you get the chance to try them one day.

Hi Dharm, fantastic!!

At 2:53 am, Blogger Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I will have to give these a try I just love Hob Nobs. My roots are British but don't have to be to LOVE these:D

At 11:20 am, Blogger Ivy said...

I made HobNobs-Yay
They are my latest post 6/28/08. Check it out. :)

At 11:19 am, Blogger steph- whisk/spoon said...

i discovered hobnobs when i lived in edinburgh! yum!

At 7:54 pm, Blogger Kelly-Jane said...

I love hobnobs too! Home-made, they look great :)

At 3:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:57 pm, Blogger Laura Paterson said...

Glad you liked them, kj! How the the chocolate dipping go??

At 2:14 pm, Blogger KJ said...

Hi Val, I agree HobNobs are universal.

Hi Ivy, fantastic!

Hi Steph, they are great.

Hi Kelly-Jane, they are certainly a popular biscuit.

Hi Sophie, thanks I will check it out.

Hi Kittie, I loved them. By the time I got around to dipping them there weren't many left!!! Talk about disappearing fast. I used milk chocolate and they turned great. So delicious!

At 5:17 am, Blogger Gabi said...

I'm a Hobnob addict too- ditto on the English ancestry leaving trails in my preferences :)


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