Thursday, August 31, 2006

chocolate whirligig buns

I am so impressed. Imagine light, fluffy spiral buns dripping with melted chocolate. And you have the buns I made on the weekend. All by myself. ME. I spotted them in Delicious Magazine June 2005 and have been drooling over them ever since. I am not a fan of Nigella Lawson and so managed to ignore them. I don't know why her compulsion to use ten adjectives before every noun has put me off her recipes but it has.

But I could resist no longer. And now I am hooked. I have already planned at least four different versions. I am thinking apple and cinnamon, blueberry and lemon, rhubarb and white chocolate and banana and chocolate.

Despite my boasting, they are really very easy to make. I am always nervous about using yeast. Will it work???? As it turned out the dough puffed up beautifully.

So here they are Nigella's Chocolate and Pistachio Whirligig Buns (without the pistachios because I didn't have any).

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