Friday, March 02, 2007

Pancakes with lemon and sugar

Pancake Tuesday may have come and gone, but the pancakes live on. As soon as I picked up this month's Delicious magazine, I knew what I was going to be making. I cannot resist pancakes. They satisfy my deep love of carbohydrates and sugar all mixed into one.

I cannot decide which is my favourite. Thin and crepey or thick and fluffy. My mum used to sit my sister and I at the kitchen table and make us a continuous stream of thin delicious crepes. In the middle of the table would be a huge industrial sized tin of golden syrup. We would hold the spoon up high and drizzle the syrup in endless pretty patterns over the crepes. Happy days.

On the other hand, is there anything much better than a thick pillow of pancake doused in whipped butter and maple syrup. I really wonder.

This time I went for the traditional favourite - lemon and sugar. So simple and so good. I was very pleased with the crepes. They were lovely and light with a satisfying crispiness around the edges.

They really are easy to make. I ended up with a few small lumps in the mix but it did not matter at all. Getting the pan to the right temperature is the biggest trick. Accepting that the first pancake is purely sacrificial is really the only option I find. A bit of adjustment and you are then on your way.

As for the lemon and sugar. It's just a case of sprinkle, squeeze and dig in.

Pancakes with lemon/lime and sugar
(from Delicious Magazine)

Sift 1 cup plain flour with a pinch of salt. Make a well and add two eggs. Gradually mix into flour.

Gradually add 1 cup of milk mixed with 1/4 cup of water and 2 tbspn of melted butter.

Heat a heavy based fry pan and grease with melted butter. Add two tbspn of batter and tilt the pan around in a circle to coat the bottom thinly with batter. Cook about thirty seconds on either side until golden.

Makes 12.


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